Albino Rhino

by Albino Rhino

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released May 25, 2016

Joe McMurray: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Avi Walter: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin
Ren Hutt: Drums, Vocals
Justin Paschalides: Piano, Keyboard
Besufekad Tadesse: Alto Saxophone

Recording Engineers: Tynz Hampton and Brian Freeland at District Entertainment Studio

Mastering Engineer: Tynz Hampton at District Entertainment Studio



all rights reserved


Albino Rhino Washington, D.C.

Albino Rhino plays a unique blend of funk-infused rock and blues. They put on an exciting live performance that inevitably leads to uncontrollable hip-swaying and dancing. The question isn't if, but when, will you #RhinoUp?

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Track Name: Walk In Squares
Hey there baby girl, let me say to you tonight,
Up with the down, down with the up, neither is quite right.
Some people walk in circles, do they ever walk is squares?
Open up your box girl, let out all your cares.

Fly away,
Seize the day,
Pave the way,
Groove to the right, hop to the left, takin’ your heart that’s a felony theft.

The world is changing, or is it just rearranging?
Containing, blaming, claiming, people filled with ingraining,
In their heads and in their minds, since commencement of their time,
If we just hop, skip, or fly, it’s gonna be just fine.


Here we go, I’m down with this, I’m on point girl, I cannot miss.
As I stand my toes hang off the cliff, and I look out with confidence.
We will not fall, we’re gonna fly, I refuse to let my dreams die,
It’s a wild ride girl, I’ll hold you tight, the coming day is looking bright.

Track Name: Color To Your Grey
In the jungle where we all play,
Nothing escapes or gets away.
We make it right and we make it tight,
Don’t funk with us or you’ll pick a fight.

We’re here to play, don’t go away, listen up to what we’ve got to say.
We’re here to play, don’t go away, we’re gonna add some color to your grey.
We’re here to stay, not going away, we’re gonna take it all the way,
All the way down.

Escape the cage we can leave a mark,
Minds ablaze will light the dark,
Burning hot with attitude,
Don’t be distraught, let’s up the mood.


The waxing moon, sharp as a knife,
Will run you through and bring forth life.
Up from your chair you soon will see,
We’re here to make your night complete.
Track Name: No More Daydream
Sitting around the house,
With nothing to arouse,
When I came across a whim,
To climb out on that limb.
I said “No more daydream, I’mma make it real,
The earth is calling my name, throwing out a deal.
And if I would not make the most of life,
I don’t know that I could sleep at night.”

So I hopped onto a plane,
With a Costa Rican name,
A waterfall, mountain, jungle quest,
Then Pacific beaches for the rest.

Now that I am done,
Sit down with the setting sun,
The adventure isn’t in my head,
Can you believe that I’m here instead?

Track Name: Hair On Fire
Son if you only get this one chance,
You better do it real quick,
Cuz any life that’s worth living,
Is gonna hurt like a …
Now baby look at my life,
And all the places I’ve been,
If you don’t learn from my failings,
You’re gonna do them again.

Scream into the darkness,
And run towards the light,
Set my hair on fire,
I’m not afraid of…

You’ve gotta smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em,
Walkin’ the streets like a man,
Lookin’ like pigs with an armband,
Takin’ respect where you can.
I’m stealing candy from babies,
I’m shooting fish in a barrel,
Because to press on the oppressed,
Will cure all that ails.


Lies will dig you down deeper,
And I’ve been pretty far low,
And with your soul will to power,
You really look like a clown.
With your shaved head and black boots,
You’ve got your head screwed on wrong,
You’re too excited to think straight,
Meanwhile they’re calm like a bomb.

Track Name: Floor Funk
I, I just want to funk you baby.
I, I just want to funkifize ya.
You, you are just a fatty-boom-batty.
You, you just want to funkifize.

No! Don’t touch myself, it’s only who I choose.
Don’t look at my trunk, you just want to floor funk.
Hot! The pants you wear, so I won’t sing the blues.
I see who I want, I don’t need your dirt punk.
Sweat! I make you do, let’s go make some heat.
Right where we dance, we can keep our shirts on.


Yeah! I dig your moves, you sure can cut a rug.
You slide on the floor, that booty is to die for!
Cool! I make you feel, when my eyes they lay on you.
Chills down my spine, let’s commit a funk crime.
Smooth! I make you do, let’s take this party out.
We shall overcome, I’ll shoot you with the bop gun.

Track Name: Movin' On
It’s that time in somebody’s life when things are about to change,
Movin on from this old place, my home on the range.
It’s driven me to do greater things; it’s made something of me.
I end this segment of my time and follow my destiny.

I know I’ve gotta go away from here tonight.
I see the end is in sight.
I know I’ve gotta go away from here tonight.
I see the end is in sight.

I move through time with a daily routine, I’m another addict of the coffee bean.
The grind is fine, as far as I’ve seen, sometimes I’m volatile like kerosene,
Take life and add five drops of Visine, find that spontaneity.

Discovery, it brews compassion, it’s like I’m part of some sort of faction.
Syncopate, give your mind its ration, go out, explore, in any fashion.
New things cause quite a reaction, you return to routine with a little more traction.


The last few weeks are finishing up, the days are passing fast.
Let me tell you the honest truth, I’m gonna make it last.
See my family and my friends, explore all of this town,
I hope everyone remembers me, or at least my sound.

Track Name: Buck Up
She’s a young colored girl, I don’t know blue or green,
I’ve been searching for a long, long time, I don’t know where you’ve been.
The times we’ve had that made us glad, and some a little bit mad,
Seem to carry on too long, it all feels wrong.

Pain and pride will always hurt our soul,
Don’t keep searching for bad things to fill that wounded hole.

Buck up now my little soldier, the world still spins around,
What you have and will become still has yet to be found.
The years go by and then some more and nothing new is seen.
Life is what you make of it, so tell me how you’ve been.

When I wake up in the morning, I greet you in my head.
For all the days I wake alone, I want you in my bed.
My pillow don’t kiss back at night, and even then it’s not warm.
I think about it long and hard, it all feels wrong.

Love for us was never quite like that.
Maybe if I change my ways, then you’ll love me back.


Now you find me waiting here, the crossroads where I stand,
Between my heart and soul and mind, and this very band,
Once before I made a choice, at the time it seemed right.
It’s why I’m here alone tonight, alone this very night.

Pain and pride will always hurt our soul,
Don’t keep searching for bad things to fill that wounded hole.
Love for us was never quite like that.
Maybe if I change my ways, then you’ll love me back.

Track Name: Rio
Walking down the Avenue Atlantica,
The sidewalk swirls in black and white like waves,
Eu vejo bonitas pessoas everywhere,
With the darkness of the night comes the light.

The streets of Lapa,
Foda do mapa.

Don’t want to let it go,
It’s got that sense of flow.
From the mountains comes this glow,
The city puts on a damn good show.

The mountain peaks rise above the cityscape,
Favelas light them up when it gets late.
It really takes no time to acclimate,
The vibrancy makes people gravitate.

The streets of Lapa,
Foda do mapa.


The party bus with flashing lights in Rio,
The suites are all in black and white on their balconies.
Down by the beach is shelter from the poverty,
It all presents me with a sense of clarity.

The streets of Lapa,
Foda do mapa.