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by Albino Rhino

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The culmination of Albino Rhino's latest and greatest: richer harmonies, more instrumental virtuosity, complex jams.


released July 15, 2016

Joe McMurray: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Avi Walter: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Brian Moran: Drums
Justin Paschalides: Piano, Keyboard

Recording Engineers: Tynz Hampton and Brian Freeland at District Entertainment Studio

Mastering Engineer: Tynz Hampton at District Entertainment Studio

Cover art: Starroot (c)



all rights reserved


Albino Rhino Washington, D.C.

Albino Rhino plays a unique blend of funk-infused rock and blues. They put on an exciting live performance that inevitably leads to uncontrollable hip-swaying and dancing. The question isn't if, but when, will you #RhinoUp?

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Track Name: Lightning Song
Driving up to the lake trying to stay between the lines,
Small towns, long days, and forty-foot signs, my mind is drunk with pride.
On the road with Kerouac, his book rides shotgun seat,
On the road, away from home, I'm finally on my way now.

Clouds boil black, what power they hold?
As lightning strikes, the story unfolds.
This battle you fight, it attacks your mind,
And though the stage is bleak, you cannot resign.

I enter town, the stoplights flash, graffiti paints the wall,
There stands a man who holds a sign, his eyes hollow as his soul.
He looks me up and he looks me down, and then he says to me:
Don't loose your way, it happens fast, I can't find MY way now.


There's caution tape and warning signs, the lone light flickers off.
But straight I sail though my jib is torn, I believe what I was taught:
Ten thousand hours and my seeds shall flower after many battles fought,
I'm on the road, away from home, I'm finally on my way now.

Track Name: Middle Ground
Do you remember when you were afraid to drink the wine?
Let me jog your memory of how they haunted us at night:
Employed to keep us safe, they focus and they try.
In the end they pillage and plunder, are they really empty inside?

It's a part of growing up,
We've gotta test all our bounds.
Why can't we use some reason and find,
Some middle ground?

I have a story to tell: at a party I was of age,
I had come from out of town, the house was rocking it was not tame.
There was wrapping at the door, they had come to put us to shame.
They searched the house and lined us up, visions of the front page.


You know I feel it in my bones,
You know I feel it in my bones,
You know I feel it in my bones,
You know I feel it in my bones.

I have a suggestion to make, in the interest of those you serve:
Different people, different views, take a moment to observe.
Can't we find a compromise, on this issue we should converge,
For hunting those in search of good times is not something they deserve.

Track Name: Carolina Rogue
I think for myself, I keep my mind open,
I see masses of wealth, yet so many things broken.
Most people self-serve, their greed is outspoken.
Doubt is igniting, this resistance awoken.

These dreams are in my head,
Clear through the smoke,
Folks will have said,
I'm the Carolina rogue.

I've worked all my life, to get to this place,
Always looking for right, amidst this great maze.
My path it does wind, offering endless choices,
But I'm enjoying the ride, hearing music not noises.